Hatz Diesel 1D81Z (073P)

Product Description


  • Air cooled single-cylinder four stroke Diesel engines.
  • Vertical cylinder.
  • Crankcase in light alloy, diecast. Cylinder of grey cast iron.
  • Cylinder head in light alloy.
  • Crankshaft and big end in plain bearings.
  • Direct injection, multi-hole nozzle.
  • Value control by rocker, push-rods, tappets and camshaft.
  • Pressure lubrication, with gear-type oil pump. On request, full-flow oil filter.
  • Oil sump of sheet metal.
  • Flywheel fan, charging alternator integrated into flywheel. No V-belt necessary.


  • Demised: emission of noise reduced to the absolute minimum by means of design features and precision manufacture.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Favourable exhaust gas values – EPA / CARB certified.
  • Robust: long life engine.
  • Extensive interchange ability of parts within the engine family D .
  • Reliable: no V-belts.
  • Easy to service: automatic injection pump bleeding.
  • Friendly to the environment: crankcase breather leads into the intake port.
  • Reliable, effortless starting thanks to automatic extra fuel device.
  • Hand start or electric start available.
Cylinder 1
Power (kW)10 kW
Engine Displacement1 ltr
Piston Displacementcm3
Dry Weight (Kg)115 Kg

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