Hatz Diesel 1D81C (073C)

Product Description


  • Air cooled single-cylinder four stroke Diesel engines.
  • Vertical cylinder.
  • Crankcase in light alloy, die-casting. Cylinder of grey cast iron.
  • Cylinder head in light alloy.
  • Crankcase and big end in slide bearings.
  • Direct injection, multi-hole nozzle.
  • Valve control via camshaft rocker aid pushrods.
  • Pressure lubrication, with gear oil pump, oil filter in main flow.
  • Flywheel fan, charging alternator integrated in the flywheel. No V-belt necessary.
  • Standard engine with noise-proof capsule of sheet metal — SUPRA Silent Pack.
  • The exhaust System is integrated into the noise-proof capsule including a main- and an end silencer.


  • Although the engine is fully encapsulated, the characteristics of the basic engine are maintained.
  • Operation and maintenance points are easy to reach.
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Favourable exhaust gas values below — EPA / CARB certified.
  • Robust, long life engine.
  • Extensive interchange ability of parts within the engine family D .
  • Reliable: since no V-belts.
  • Easy to Service: because automatic injection pump bleeding.
  • Friendly to the environment: Ventilation of crankcase leads into the intake port.
  • Secure and effortless starting thanks to automatic extra fuel device.
  • Hand start or electric start available.
  • The capsule reduces the engine noise by 95 % i.e. 12 SUPRA Silent Packs are as quiet as one non encapsulated engine.
  • The capsule increases only slightly the installation volume of the engine.
  • The capsule is smaller and more handy than other noise-reduction engine cowlings and it is just as efficient as expensive and heavy encapsulations of machines.
  • The SUPRA Silent Packs allow the manufacture of generating sets with a noise power level of 100 dBA at 3000 r. p. m. (100 LWA).
Cylinder 1
Power (kW)9 kW
Engine Displacement1 ltr
Piston Displacement667 cm3
Dry Weight (Kg)140 Kg
Lenght512 mm
Width530 mm
Height590 mm

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