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The HATZ Silent Pack is the quietest engine for equipment installation in its class – and it’s ready for immediate application.

The Hatz Silent Pack has every conceivable feature that an optimal built-in diesel engine should possess by today’s standards.

The Silent Pack is an engine from the L-family with noise-proof capsule. The capsule reduces the engine noise by 90 % to 10 % = 10 d BA. 10 Silent Packs are as silent as a no encapsulated diesel engine. Output and constant load are not affected by the capsule. The easy accessibility of maintenance and operating points remains unchanged. Noisy auxiliary drives can be incorporated in the capsule.

The capsule is made of 1 mm sheet metal. Inside the capsule the engine noise is reduced by reflection and the capsule is fixed to the engine, insulated against structure-borne noise. The capsule is smaller and handier than other noise reduction engine cowlings and it is just as efficient, compared with expensive and heavy encapsulations of machines.

With an air cleaner attached, exhaust silencing and a cable loom for starting and monitoring). Nothing is loose, everything is ready for installation

Provided with servicing points easily accessible from the outside or under a cover with quick-release fasteners; hydraulic pumps can also be installed under the sound-absorbing enclosure to reduce noise emissions

Supported on feet that are insulated against structure-borne noise and can be mounted on frames or plates (which means that hardly any structure-borne noise is transferred to the equipment)

Equipped with additional mass balancer shafts which suppress disturbing vibration before it can even arise

Designed to occupy only a minimum of pace, since the noise-protection capsule fits closely around the engine block

Equipped with cool-air ducting that regulates thermal conditions in the noise-protection capsule so that the Silent Pack can be operated in all known climate zones (in a hot, dusty desert or in Alaska ‘s icy inter).